How It Works

Because recruits only certified debt settlement firms that continually perform above average within the debt relief industry, you can rest assured that you’ll receive legitimate, high-quality service every time. Fill out our contact form to get in contact with the credit debt specialist that’s right for your particular financial situation.

Once you’ve made the decision to hire a debt relief company, our trained representatives will match you to the best debt specialist for your specific circumstances. Then, the selected credit debt consultant will contact you to discuss your situation; afterwards beginning the process of contacting your creditors to negotiate a debt settlement. Our highly trained professional negotiators are experts in persuasion, often convincing creditors to settle credit card debt for at least 50% of what you actually owe.

In today’s market, most consumers can expect to remove 40 % – 60% of their unsecured credit card debt. For instance, if you owe $10,000, you’ll likely settle your debt for $5,000 or less. After your credit debt is settled, the debt relief company will then collect a percentage of the money they actually saved you. Typically, fees for professional credit debt relief programs fall around 20%; meaning if they saved you $5,000, you’d pay the company a $1,000 fee.

However, service with is completely free of charge for the consumer. When you fill out our contact form, we match your location and information with a top performing debt settlement consultant in your state. The credit debt specialist will typically follow up within 24 hours to discuss various options for eliminating your credit card debt.

Because there are a huge amount of debt settlement companies on the market claiming to provide high-quality services, it is extremely important that consumers know how to pinpoint the best performers in the industry. To be included in our network at, a credit debt company must demonstrate above average statistical performance in negotiating credit card debt settlements.

We also verify the company through the BBB and other accredited organizations to guarantee that they have solid business practices and no outstanding customer disputes. If you have significant credit card balances, can help you begin the process of eliminating your debt so you can focus on other, more important, life priorities.